Call For GWL-INA Demand Creation Consultant

gambar bertuliskan lowongan konsultan


GWL-INA is a national network in Indonesia for gay men, transgender women (Waria) and other men who have sex with men. GWL-INA is an independent network supporting programs on sexual and reproductive health (particularly STI and HIV AIDS prevention and treatment) at the national and international levels, emphasizing empowerment and advocacy at the grassroots level. Through UNAIDS with the support of DFAT funding In 2021, GWL-INA will hire a consultant to develop a demand creation strategy that will involve the GMT community perspective in Indonesia.

We are seeking a specific consultant to improve our current marketing and demand creation strategy relating to HIV prevention and treatment (for example, PrEP) specifically on GMT issues. Consultants should compare marketing outreach strategies, and they will be hired to create a demand creation concept strategy. In addition, the strategy will be used for key population campaigns, especially for GMT communities and will adapt to give accurate information related to HIV, STIs, and PrEP.
Two primary objectives are included in this consulting opportunity, each with multiple sub-objectives.
1. Analysis of the existing strategy of demand creation among key populations
2. Developing a demand creation strategy

The scope of work and tasks is as follows:

NO Activities Method Output
1 Conduct a desk review of the current demand creation strategy amongst key populations A review process is conducted to assess the existing demand creation concepts. Draft review of the following materials: strategy materials, guidelines, studies, and program about demand creation
2 Community consultation In order to ensure that no material is duplicated and no errors are made, it is strongly recommended that the consultant consults with several key stakeholders for HIV or organizations for GMT key populations to gather input and feedback. will work as a complementary of the existing strategies Focus group discussions or in-depth interviews
3 Create a plan for implementing demand creation strategies among GMT populations


Implementation strategy or guidelines should be designed with a clear methodology, tools, and materials to produce recommendations that will produce optimal results and can be scaled up. Guidelines or a strategy for implementation
3 Design a strategy to create demand Determines the best strategy to create demand for GMT population


Recommendation for Demand creation concept strategy

Time Scheduling :
These works shall begin on December 1st, 2021, and will conclude on December 31st, 2021. As part of the duties and responsibilities, the consultant will work remotely and visit GWL-INA offices as needed.

Requirements :

Consultant Qualification, Skills, Experience and Role
Local Consultant Education:

●  Holding minimum a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, health, public health, or a related field, or having experience in these fields


Competencies and skills:

●  Communication and interpersonal skills are excellent.

●  Writing skills that are analytical and well planned.

●   In-depth knowledge of marketing strategy.

●  Understanding and taking action on data and analytics.

●  Ability to understand and adapt to new technologies

●  Good understanding of key communities, particularly GMT communities

●  Excellent command of English and strong knowledge of technical writing.

●  Capable of working long hours and with people from different socio-cultural backgrounds.



●  Knowledge of HIV prevention issues and experience working within the community

●  Experience managing digital campaigns for a variety of purposes

Here’s how to apply:

  • Candidates interested in applying should submit a cover letter and CV (by December 23nd 2021, at 12 noon)
  • Send to :, cc to
  • The subject line of your email should read “Demand Creation Consultant”
  • Transgender individuals are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted